Diploma in Google SketchUp Course Details

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 Create 2 Dimensional Geometry (in a 3 dimensional or 3D environment) 
Create surfaces from lines
Create surfaces from circles
Generate surfaces from polygons
Generate surfaces from rectangles, arcs and curves

 Create 3 Dimensional Geometry
Control 3D views
Create surfaces from lines in 3D

 Demonstrate Stickiness of Geometry in 3D
Create geometry with the push-pull tool
Move entities to manipulate geometry
Maintain coplanar geometry

 Connect and Generate Forms
Lock an inference
Generate forms quickly
Create concentric surfaces
Create a model, step-by-step

 Methods of Presentation
Mirror a model
Create an array
Alter a model using built-in display and face styles


 SketchUp Essentials¬†
SketchUp is a powerful tool for communicating 3D design concepts in professional workflows.
This course is intended for students with basic experience in SketchUp who want to investigate intermediate topics, including working with groups and components to isolate and organize geometry, creating, editing, organizing and combining components, and employing enhanced
presentation techniques for SketchUp models.

 Use Groups and Components to Isolate Geometry
Review and evaluate the difference between a group and a component
Create a component
Demonstrate component behavior and how to edit a component

 Use the Outliner for Efficient Modeling
Edit and organize components from the Outliner
Demonstrate the effect of scaling on similar components

 Review and Evaluate Organizational Techniques for Components
Review in model collections
Review collections within SketchUp
Add a model to a component collection outside of SketchUp

 Combine Components to Create a Model
Add location satellite imagery
Insert a component from a file
Swap (reload) components in a model

 Create an Animation
Apply shadow studies
Create scenes


 Identify Modeling Techniques to Enhance Speed and Accuracy¬†
Interconnect forms using the pencil (line) tool
Draw parallel edges
Demonstrate the Follow me tool
Intersect complex forms
Draw on a sloping surface
Make a component that cuts a hole